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     YES, we represent both debtors and creditors. We think that makes us better qualified to represent both groups. Because of our experienced on both sides of the issues we naturally view the case with a more objective eye. Ultimately, success in most legal matters is the result of spotting the legal issues, evaluating the strong and weak points of a particular position, analyzing the applicable law and facts, and formulating the best available strategy in light of these factors. We think that having been on both sides makes us naturally more objective which, in turn, helps us to spot issues, analyze the law and facts, and formulate strategy. Ultimately our goal is to protect your interests to the extent permitted under the law.

     WE have extensive experience in the representation of creditors in collection efforts in and out of bankruptcy, and in the representation of trustees, debtors, and creditors in the prosecution and defense of bankruptcy avoidance actions.

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     It is sometimes said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. We think that is only true when the person with a little knowledge assumes that he or she is now an expert. We think that, far from being dangerous, a little knowledge on the part of clients facilitates the attorney - client relationship. A little knowledge will not turn a client into an attorney, but it should help the client to better understand the legal matter, what needs to be done in order to properly address the matter, and why.

     We believe in making sure that the client remains fully informed throughout the attorney-client relationship and understands what is happening and why. It sometimes means we provide the client with more information than they want or think they need, but in the end we think it leads to more satisfactory results for the client.

     In the interest of helping individuals and the small and medium sized business community educate itself about some of the issues with which it may need to deal in the area of creditor rights and commercial recovery, we offer the following articles and memos.

These articles/memos are offered for general informational and educational purposes. They are not offered as, and do not constitute, legal advice or legal opinions. These materials should not be utilized as a substitute for professional services in a specific situation. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of an appropriate professional should be sought.

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For information, questions, comments, etc., contact us at katzlawoffice or at the telephone or fax numbers set out on these pages. PLEASE NOTE: (1) the transmission of e-mail may not be secure and, in any event, would not create an attorney-client relationship; (2) we limit our practice to Pennsylvania (provided, however, we assist Pennsylvania clients who have matters outside of Pennsylvania with the assistance of local counsel); (3) the discussions in these pages are for general information and are not intended to be, and do not constitute, legal advice and are not a substitute for legal assistance -- we recommend you engage the services of a professional licensed to practice in your jurisdiction for legal advice and representation when confronted with any legal matter; (4) the engagement of our firm is subject to a written engagement agreement (and the terms and conditions of that agreement). Utilization of this site does not create a legal relationship.

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